Tree-crop interactions: linking climatology and ecophysiology

Climate-smart agriculture to improve crop productivity and biodiversity under changing climate

Microclimate measurements in vineyards, Western Cape, Soouth AfricaMicroclimate and evapotranspiration measurements in apple orchardsCrop ecophysiology in drylands - Western Cape, South Africa

Improvement of the efficiency and sustainability of the production of crops and trees is of major importance for research and development activities. The main challenges is to ensure a production with low carbon and water footprints and their integration in the best-practice agriculture and forestry. In this context, innovative production systems can fulfil the different requirements to increase agricultural production and improving the environmental conditions under climate change. Our research includes plant ecophysiological and microclimate measurements.

The goals of our research are to:

  • understand plant-atmosphere processes for application in agriculture and forestry 
  • integrate ecological based results into sustainable production systems 
  • improve water efficiency in agro-ecosystems 
  • design of climate-smart agricultrual landscape


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