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Plant Ecophys Lab - Dr. Maik Veste

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Our research is within general and physiological ecology of terrestrial ecosystems and their applications in agriculture, forestry and restoration ecology. A key question is the integration of plant ecophysiology into understanding biogeochemical cycles and ecosystem functioning.

Major approaches includes investigations of plant ecophysiological and biogeochemical responces to environmental variations, disturbances, and climate variability. Short-term acclimation and long-term adaptation of plants to changing environmental conditions are the focus of the ecophysiological investigations. 

Biological soil crusts

The successional development of biocrusts communities and the resulting spatiotemporal heterogeneity of biocrust patches. Aim of our research is to link physiological processes with the development of spatial pattern of biocrusts in relation to environmental boundary conditions. Read more..

Plant ecophysiology and stress physiology

Understanding these basic physiological processes and their response to biotic and abiotic stress is crutical for plant production and ecosystem function and ecosystem services. The analyses is based on measurements of ecophysiological parameters like leaf gas exchange, chlorophyll fluorescence, water-use efficiency, plant water status, and chemical analysis of plants and soils in controlled greenhouse experiments and field trials.  

Plant biogeochemistry - plant-soil interactions

Plants at the interface between the atmosphere and the soil and geological substrate, acting as key regulator biogeochemical and hydrological cycling pattern and processes in the biosphere. Understanding the interactions between this nutrients and water is crucial for plant productivity and ecosystem functioning. 


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