Environmental Physiology and Functional Ecology
Soils, Plants and Ecosystems

Influence of climate on vegetationPhysiological activity of biocrusts at post-mining sites in Lower LusatiaPlant functional ecologyEcological functions of biocrustsApplied research for reclamation of post-mining sites in Lower LusatiaReclaimed post-mining site in Welzow Süd, Lower LusatiaEcophysiological adapation of plants in extreme ecosystemsEvapotranspiration in AgroLandscapesResearch in the South African drylandsEnvironmental physiology of short-rotation forestry


It is crucial to understand the ecological functions of soil, plants and climate for sustainable production systems and  the development reclaimed ecosystems.

Our research objectives is to integrate environmental physiological processes of plants and soils into ecosystem research.

Particular emphasis is put on interactions between plants and their environment, on plant performances, based on ecophysiological processes and soil-plant-atmosphere interactions.

Dr. Maik Veste

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